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Dust Control

Baghouses, Cyclones, and Duct, Kraemer & Co. designs and manufactures dust control systems according to your specific needs and requirements. Our systems are industry proven. In today's environment the proper design and installation of a dust control system is crucial to your operation. Your reward will be increased plant efficiency and product quality. Wed like to help you breath easier. For more information contact Kraemer & Co., where custom design is standard equipment.

  • LMC & Dust Hog Baghouses
  • Material handling fans
  • Cyclones
  • Design and Installation
  • Ductwork, elbows, and transitions
  • Lining for abrasive materials

  • Applications include saw dust, agricultural applications, cement and rock crushing.

    CIMBRIA CYCLOFAN: The optimal integration between a Cyclone and the Turbine Fan. The Super Cyclofan is currently the most efficient dust seperation ventilator on the market. With its high seperation ability and low energy consumption it is suitable for all kinds of dust seperation. The Super Cyclofan is an alternative to filter units, especially when the air is moist and dust laden.

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