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Spiral Let Downs

Whether you are handling Rice, Pistachios, Almonds, Walnuts, Beans, Seed, or any material that needs a “Gentle Touch,” the Kraemer & Co. Spiral is the answer. In today's world of slim profit margins you can no longer afford the damage loss due to breakage during tank filling and transfer drops. The Spiral Letdown provides a smooth, easy filling and transfer.

At Kraemer & Co. We manufacture spirals to fit your needs. With Kraemer & Co.'s custom design you get the spiral that's right for you: right hand, left hand, any diameter, and any pitch.

  • Stainless or mild steel with food grade epoxy.
  • Standard 16 GA. Slide and 12 GA vertical strip. Heavier units available.
  • Square tube posts for strong vertical support.

Some Examples:

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